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so, i don’t watch a lot of TV, but one show that i am totally hooked on is LOST. i quit Lost at one point because the plot never seemed to advance, but season 4 totally brought me back. it’s insane.

and JJ knows how to end an episode. he always leaves you wanting more, thinking that was the fastest hour of your life. he will drop some bomb on you in the last 15 seconds of the show. which is why, to get my fix, i have to log on to the lost-theory discussion boards to try to figure out WHAT in the heck just happened. i am being really vulnerable with yall telling you that i do this–but before you judge me, just let me tell you that I recently found out my mom does the same thing. seriously. you just HAVE to know, even at the risk of being a cyber-nerd.

if you’ve never done it, just give this website a perusal. i guarantee that you will get hooked in a matter of minutes. allow me to whet your appetite; here is a very convincing post that Jack has been on this island before, and the plane crash was his attempt to get back; and here is a very interesting post about the prominence of orange juice and its possible connection with people getting back to the island; an finally, here is a really good one about those freaky numbers, which are apparently an allusion to a Stephen King novel about a virus that wipes out human life…

maybe you think i’ve taken this a little too far. maybe the words “unhealthy fixation” come to mind. i’ve heard there are ways for losties like me to get help:


so, i wanted to give you a little look at my kinfolk. this video is a little old, but it’s one of my favorites. it’s from a game of Balderdash about a year ago. Balderdash is my favorite game in the world, and this video is why. i’ve never played this game when an episode like this did not result. if you aren’t familiar with the rules, in this circumstance, the task was that we each had to write out a meaning for the acronym P.U.F.F. my aunt Jackie (the first person on the clip) is reading out all of the submitted definitions and also the real one. everyone then votes for the one they think is the true definition, and if you’re right (or if people vote for your made-up definition) you get points. So this is my aunt Jackie, Dad and Mom at their best.

the fact that the acronym here is PUFF is just coincidental–no one was puffin the magic dragon. it was just that funny. had to be there, i guess.

so, one thing that i am realizing about myself if that i have way too many hobbies. you know that phrase “jack of all trades and master of none”? yeah, that’s pretty accurate. i wish i could just finish what i start once in a …

one of my more recent forays was in the world of cake decorating. my lovely friend laura had a birthday, so her sister carolyn and i thought it would be fun to try to make a cake in the likeness of a red double-decker British bus, since laura studied abroad in London last semester. i seriously thought it would take about an hour and be fairly simple.

4 hours and 3 jumbo-sized, cancer-inducing-red-dye-#-3 things of food coloring later, we had something that resembled a british double-decker bus to people looking on from a distance who A) were not wearing their contact lenses, and B) had never been to london. here’s a little video summary of the process.