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this was from the last Cru meeting, and lots of fun alums came to wish Chad, one of the staff at UNC well as he moves on to Wilmington.  for those of you lucky enough to know Ashley Baldwin de Henriquez, these are her parents trying to pass off their patented butter-churn dance moves off to baby Aaron Vuljanic.  Aaron is reluctant at first, but I won’t be surprised if I see him break this out at his 3-year-old birthday party.  the ladies will love it.  just look how happy his mom is!  🙂


so, as you might imagine, the nc primaries are the talk of the town these days, and last week chapel hill was abuzz with campaigning. i’m not very political, but when i heard that obama was coming to speak on campus, i definitely wanted chance to hear our could-be-president in person. the rally started at 9:30 (PM, mind you), and barack really stretched the limits of “fashionably late,” finally appearing at 10:30ish, but he did talk for a good while, so he made up for his tardiness. before he got out there, it was kind of funny, because half a dozen people came out to “introduce him” and work the crowd a bit, but after the 4th one, it sort of felt like they were pulling people out of the back of the auditorium to get up there and stall bit till the guest of honor arrived.

it was my first political rally, and i have to say it was really interesting. i’ll level with you and tell you that i’m not really that familiar with the candidates yet (don’t worry, i will be by november), and so i was like an outsider looking in on this thing, just taking it all in. it was a really foreign experience. there was a lot of chanting and cheering and passion and rallying around “change” and “hope.” i don’t use those quotes to be condescending, that’s the words everyone was using, and the whole thing felt strangely akin to a big worship event, like Passion or something. it was my first time at something like that, i don’t really know much about the campaign, and i was surrounded by people who passionately identified with this cause and this movement, really. it made me wonder if people unfamiliar with christianity feel the same foreignness as when they attend church with me, or come to a conference or something. i’m not saying that the rally was bad or pasisng judgment on it or anything, i just kept thinking about the parallels the whole time i was there. interesting.

that\'s good D.right before hansborough\'s hand goes SLAP.

but in related news, the next day obama hooped it up a bit with roy’s boys. a friend sent me the photos, and you can see video, too, if it tickles your fancy. so obviously when a celebrity like this comes to a practice, i suppose there is an unwritten rule that the players are to preform at about 1/4 or their intensity. but wouldn’t it be hilarious if tyler or danny was uber-competitive and stuffed obama’s shot, or was all up in his face screaming “BALL BALL BALL BALL BALL,” forcing him to pick up his dribble at half court or something? tyler dunks on him, and then proceeds to do his victory dance… oh, funny little daydream.