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so excited.


it’s been awhile. i’ve been back from the land of the east for about a month now, and there’s not much to report. i’ve gotten some great time with great friends, and done some good reading, perhaps i will post a little bit about that later. but this weekend i move back to CH after having sublet my place, and i am so excited! i can’t wait to be back on campus, spend the afternoon at weaver street, eat breakfast at elmo’s, go to my church… i saw this video and i fondly thought of carrboro, just not to such an extreme. i think that the folks in carrboro are generally referred to as “yippies,” a cross between yuppies and hippies because they can afford to drive hybrids ,eat organic, and enroll their kids in yoga lessons. they’re great.

by the way, if you were to go on a vision quest to find your name, what would it be? I’m debating between Katydid, Skipping Stone, and Lion’s Mane (I have always wished my hair was fuller, like the mane of a lion). what’s yours?

this summer there was this park near where we stayed. i loved to go there and read. it was wide and open, with tall trees, really green grass, and these tables and stools that looked like tree stumps. right next to it is an elementary school. one day while i was there reading, the school go out and all these kids were running around the park. they’d play this game where they’d start running up to me until i made eye contact with them, then they’d freeze and run and hide. they got closer and closer until they were no longer afraid of the “white girl” and then we became friends. they threw all the english words they knew at me, which was actually about three times as prolific as my chinese vocabulary, which i quickly exhausted with them in about 30 seconds.

this is a song they sang me. my teacher said they are acting like fairies. it took a lot of self-control not to kidnap them all and smuggle them back to america. maybe one day.